Escape From Earth 1.4.1/1.4.1B

So below is what new in v1.4.1 a lot of new stuff in this update and finally access to the main menu and beta 1 save/load system so there is some bugs with the save system but this is beta branch/build line. We will push bug fixes out for this and maybe some new stuff but we will be take a little brake/a couple of days off over xmas and then back to work on big update with lots of new art next year. Enjoy  

Change log

removed alpha screen

general level fixes

 v sync option beta

language select beta

aim beta

game quality beta

save/load system beta   

mouse mode beta

erase save bug

main menu access

tablet beta

Bug fixed round 2

menu fixes

game tweaks 

spelling fixes

menu changes

general fixes

save system still has some bugs with it

Android support started

New Dev Menu

Language Files still have some bugs and are not all added yet (beta. the language we say we support we are working on adding them back we just have them add coded in ready  for when translation files are done  

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