Escape From Earth v1.4.5

So this build will be coming very soon it not huge update to the game but a lot of back end works been done in this build as well as lots of changes to stuff to make are jobs a lot more easier and better experience for you the players. 

Change Log


So we have removed the old coin system with use to be 3 objects and 1 sprite (texture).  

replaced by

So the new coin is just one object and uses 3 sprites bronze coin,silver coin at the moment we might change this later so it used one sprite t but currently it works fine and very well. So the coins sprites are randomises and no you can't get level full of just gold coins.  So bronze is the most common coin in the game followed by silver with is semi rare and gold the rarest. So the coins also will give random value set. So i choose to do this to make escape from earth different each time you play the game and we will be working and balancing this more once the game is released on steam. This saves us some time when making the levels as we only have to place one coin with makes it a little faster for us. We will be working on making the randomised system better and improve and grow on it and maybe use it for other aspects of the game. 

There is some workings out below of odds kinda

Bronze 100% guaranteed 

Silver 2/8 chance

Gold 1/16 chance 

Coin amounts 

Bronze 1 to 5

Silver 5 to 10

Gold 10 to 15  

So we have cleaned up the aliens tablet ready for release of the game and new sexy icons coming soon.

Added all Ambers aliens new graphics and write bio for later ;)

 Ilona (ilsomnia) soon to follow along with some other graphics 

So we are also in middle of giving escape from earth huge health,life system over haul to look much better and more cleaner the new gui a little rpg style and is a lot more flexible for us in the future so please not the graphics is place holder and this may/will have some bugs as we are still actively working on it  and make it better and final release it will be all bug free and nice looking, This design is not full done yet to as we still need to work on mana and xp bar to more will be release later about them,

The spikes will be getting nice damage upgrade to do random health damage and no longer go invisible kinda and be able to skip them. We will be give ai update to do same for health and for release make there code a little better as we are planning later date to focus on making ai a lot better and more advance.

  So this will kinda like be what beta branch is like on steam with beta branch tab/codes.

Release tba/maybe/update

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